MUNCH/WARHOL June /July 2009

This exhibition showed works by Warhol inspired by Munch alongside the original Munchs.

Warhol, Munch (Bloomberg 3 July 2009)

Andy Warhol paintings and prints inspired by Edvard Munch are on show with original graphics by the Norwegian artist at the gallery of Robert Sandelson in London’s Cork Street.

A visit to an exhibition of more than 100 works by Munch at Galleri Bellman in New York in 1982 prompted Warhol to produce a number of prints and paintings based on works he saw.

“Andy pitched up at the gallery and asked if it would be interested in accepting some new works by him in exchange for some originals by Munch,” Sandelson said. “It took him two years to make the prints, but in the end some Munchs did enter his collection.”

Sandelson has brought together from various owners 40 works by Munch, half of which are on loan, with 15 pieces by Warhol, all of which are for sale.

The set of three Warhol prints -- “The Scream,” “Eva Mudocci” and “Madonna/Self Portrait” -- is available at a price of about $2 million, Sandelson said

The two-man show runs through July 17.